About Us
The Well Link Financial Group
The business of The Well Link Financial Group and its affiliates includes banking, life insurance, property insurance,and securities.

As for Well Link Bank, the chairman of the board is Zhang Sheng Man, an internationally renowned senior banker and former deputy managing director of the World Bank. The other shareholders include the original shareholders from "The Belt and Road" countries and Portugal.

The group will continue to focus on the long-term and stable management concept of benefiting the country, society and the enterprise, in order to continuously make contribution to the society.

About Well Link
The name of Well Link is significant, it derives from the service spirit of the bridge - help others kindle hope in desperation, help others get through the difficulties, to pass the road and then reach the other side. So we named it Well Link Financial Group as the nature of financial services are similar to the spirit of the "bridge".

Our values
To run with kindness, reliability, honesty ,sincerity and fairness, to be a responsible company serve the society attentively.

Our vision
To act as a bridge to success for the clients, benefiting the country, the public, the enterprise as well as the society.
Our Vision
We devoted to be one of the leading financial groups in Hong Kong and to promote professional financial know-how to different regions in Greater China.
Our Mission
We lead innovation and provide value to our clients in China and Hong Kong, promote best practice in investment services to gain customers; trust and industry peers’ recognition.
Grow Together
We strive to be the reliable and well-established financial enterprise by providing opportunities for our staff to develop and explore their potentials. Apart from focusing on business expansion, we are also contributing to the community and get involved in various charity programs proactively.